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Ten Best Selling Neon Signs For You
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Green Frozen Custard
With Logo Outdoor Neon Sign.

When people are looking for neon signs, what do they actually buy? Here is a list of the top ten best selling "neon signs." This list also includes signs that are actually using LED lights. As manufacturers are often replacing traditional neon tubing with LED lights in what were exclusively neon signs.

But before we get to that bestseller list, I wanted to relay a little bit of information about the Nobel gas Neon:

Neon is a chemical element with symbol Ne and atomic number 10. Neon is a colorless, odorless, inert monatomic gas under standard conditions, with about two-thirds the density of air. Monatomic means the gas's atoms don't bond together like oxygen and nitrogen do. In other words, Neon forms no uncharged chemical compounds with itself or with other elements.

While neon is a very common element in the universe and solar system (it is fifth in cosmic abundance after hydrogen, helium, oxygen and carbon), it is very rare on Earth. The reason for neon's relative scarcity on Earth and the inner (terrestrial) planets is that neon is highly volatile and forms no compounds to fix it to solids. Neon is the second lightest inert gas, after helium. It is lighter than the molecules of diatomic nitrogen and oxygen which form the bulk of Earth's atmosphere; a balloon filled with neon will rise in air, although more slowly than a helium balloon.

Neon is used in some plasma tube - neon lights - and refrigerant applications, but has few other commercial uses. The art form of Neon signs and glass work is a valuable commodity in my mind. Often used in advertising signs, neon produces an unmistakable bright reddish-orange light. Liquefied neon is commercially used as a cryogenic refrigerant in applications not requiring the lower temperature range attainable with more extreme liquid helium refrigeration.

Fun solar space travel fact: The Galileo spacecraft atmospheric entry probe found that in the upper atmosphere of Jupiter, the abundance of neon is reduced (depleted) by about a factor of 10, to a level of 1 part in 6,000 by mass. It would be interesting to be able to get into the lower atmosphere of Jupiter, safely, and determine how much neon is present there!

Neon is one of six elements, found in the rightmost column of the Periodic Table, that are inert. In fact, Neon is the first p-block noble gas, and the first element with a true octet of electrons.

Neon is obtained from the air by fractional distillation. Small traces of Neon can be found in the Earth's crust and ocean. Large amounts of Neon can be found in volcanic gases. Ultimately, neon is produced by stars through nuclear processes.

While all glass tube lights containing gasses are normally called "neon lights," they often contain other gases. Neon gas will only produce red or orange colors, so neon lights in other colors contain different gasses such as argon, xenon, mercury and helium.

Click to Tweet Me. Share! => Tweet: Blue sky is actually produced by solar wind/solar radiation exciting air molecules to emit light, like a neon lamp!

Book About Neon Signs

    Vintage Neon (Schiffer Reference Book)

    Neon signs turned North America's roadside into a luminous wonderland in the mid-20th century. These unforgettable depictions of exploding bowling pins, crashing cars, baton twirling majorettes, and lassoing cowboys were the fodder for legend and lore. Neon designer Len Davidson has captured their magic with over 350 photos of superb vintage signs.

    In the text, voices of neon sign makers, shopkeepers, photographers, and preservationists record their legends in words, while a definitive photo archive gives architects and sign artisans an invaluable resource. This volume is a treasure for all who have been captured by the spell of vintage neon.

    Read more ...

Top Selling Neon or Neon-like Signs

#1 Best Seller
Set the Mood: Use warm white lighting to make any environment sparkle and create the perfect ambiance.
#2 Best Seller
This Gift set contains one personalized sign & one non personalized Home bar coaster. For the personalized sign, ***please leave us exactly the name you want to be engraved in your sign in amazon custom form, for example Peter/ Peter's etc.
#3 Best Seller
This Gift set contains one personalized sign & one non personalized Home bar coaster. For the personalized sign, ***please leave us exactly the name you want to be engraved in your sign in amazon custom form, for example Peter/ Peter's etc.
#4 Best Seller
Color: Pink. Size: 10x9 Inch(Wire length is 6ft)
#5 Best Seller
✔UNIQUE DESIGN: Cute Neon LOVE SIGN decor light,is a wonderful solution for your little ones room decor. Beautiful and modern decorative Neon lamp.Add vigor to that bed side table with this Neon light decor.It offers romantic ambiance to your place.
#6 Best Seller
#7 Best Seller
✔UNIQUE DESIGN: Cute Neon Cloud SIGN night light,is a wonderful solution for your little ones room decor. Beautiful and modern decorative Led lamp.Add vigor to that bed side table with this LED light decor.It offers a warm light ambiance to your place.
#8 Best Seller
#9 Best Seller
Flamingo Neon Light Size: 39cm x 13.7cm x 13.7cm(approx)
#10 Best Seller
✔UNIQUE DESIGN: Flamingo style is an ideal selection for the party ,gives a elegant glow when put it in the living room,baby room or other places.
Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

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