Retractable Banner Stands For Advertising
Jun 6th, 2010 by Aldouspi

Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable banner stands for advertising your company 

Every business wants to flourish . To achieve the desired results out of the business they try each and everything they can, for promoting their business. Besides the electronic and newspaper modes, the businesses often use banners to endorse their services.

Retractable banner stands are one of the most reliable and simplest modes of promoting and endorsing things via advertising. These banners are also called roll up banners since one can roll up as well as fold up after your purpose or mission is accomplished.

Carrying these banners is not a difficult task since they do not weigh a lot. In fact, one can without any difficulty, find banners stands that are not heavier then 13 pounds. You can easily cart them from one place to another. And when it comes to size of the banners, a great selection is available. You can get a banner stand as high as 82 inches, for example.

Simple to use, the retractable stands works like window blind, just slide up the graphic over the pole and lock it. These are ideal for the trade show displays. Since the printed graphic gets stored inside the base, assembling as well as reassembling is effortless and takes less time. These banners strands takes less then five minutes to set up. All required is expanding the pole and lifting the banner.

The retractable stands also secure the printed graphics at the time of transportation because it is secured inside the base. These banner stands, like pop up displays and the roll up stands displays, are perfect for trade shows and exhibitions. 


Besides this, you can select from a huge collection of the retractable banner stands accessories. For instance, one can easily find a banner stand with different accessories including carry bag, light arm, neon strip light, in addition to various other remarkable accessories.

And it is worth noting that there are several companies which offer various accessories such as carry bag, devoid of costing you anything extra. Keep your mind and eyes open for deals like this and save more money.

The retractable banner stands has various advantages such as it is simple to use and needs no training. The other advantage is that for setting up the banner stand no tool is required. The best attribute of the retractable banners stands is that the graphics are secured in a cassette.

Of course, where there are advantages there are several disadvantages with these banner stands. The main drawback is that the retractable stands are more costly as compared with the ordinary banner stand or pole type. In addition, they are heavier then the other stands and also it is a bit difficult to change the graphics of the stand since it requires time and effort during the creation.    


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