Hair Salon Neon Sign 13 x 32
Dec 28th, 2010 by Aldouspi

Product Description
nHair Salon Neon Signs 13"x32" n nDescription: n• HAIR SALON: Red, LINE: Green n nHigh Quality! Real EGL glass tube hair salon neon signs, far superior to any other colored glass tubing on the market. 100% hand crafted in the U.S.A. by our highly experienced neon glass benders. n n100% No Breakage Guarantee! We use a double packing box system and extra foam protection to make sure that your sign arrives from our factory in good working condition. n nProduct Detai... More >>

Hair Salon Neon Sign 13 x 32

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Neon Sign – Open Walk Ins Welcome – Extra Large 20″ x 37″
Nov 23rd, 2010 by Aldouspi

  • Sign is mounted on an industrial grade metal frame
  • 110 volt U.L. listed transformers that plug into a standard outlet
  • Hanging hardware & chain are included
  • 1 Year Warranty on electrical components
  • Increase sales, high visual impact

Product Description
High impact, eye catching, real glass tube neon sign. This characteristic glow can attract customers like nothing else, virtually burning your identity into the minds of potential and future customers. Neon signs can be left on 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year...for decades. There is no light form in existence that has the visual impact of neon. This is the real thing 100% hand crafted real glass tube neon. We manufacture the most vibrant neon avai... More >>

Neon Sign - Open Walk Ins Welcome - Extra Large 20" x 37"

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What’s Behind Those Colorful Neon Lights?
Aug 5th, 2010 by Aldouspi

You might have seen those bright colorful neon lights shining everywhere. They attract people's eye toward shops, bars, cafes and a lot of place after the sunset. Many business people are happily gaining the attention of their potential customers these days with this easily maintained custom made sign boards made up of neon lights. We might be clued-up about the uses and benefits of these affordable decorative lights and sign boards but here is a little about the workings of them.

The atoms of rare gases like helium, neon and argon don't form stable molecules by means of chemical bonding with the other atoms. One notable thing here that it's quite simple to assemble a gas discharge tube like a neon light that gives out the inertness is a relative matter. Just by applying a self effacing electric voltage, the electrodes at the split end of the glass tube that is filled with any inert gas just starts to glow brightly in different colors according to the gas we fill inside the glass tube.

If you are looking out for a reason as to why neon is not inert in a discharge tube, it is quit easier to explain it than the process of elaboration why it is inert to the chemical reactions. The voltage that is passed through the discharge tube will be accelerating a free electron by boosting up its energy level to some maximum kinetic energy. The point to be noted here is that the electrical energy that we pass through the discharge tube should possibly be high as much as necessary so that the supplied energy is more when compared to that ones required ionizing the atoms of the gas. As we all know, an atom that is ionized must be having it pulled out of the orbital to make it as a free particle as well as the atom that it lets here to stay behind will be converted into an ion that is positively charged. Then what formed next, the formed plasma from the charged ions and electrons passes over the electric current between the electrodes of the discharge tube.

If you had been ever thinking of how do these gases emits light, then here you have the answer for tit. As an option to having been detached or removed by an energetic collision what happens is the electron inside an atom will get excited to a level and start moving with high-speed. We can even say that the electron is been made to move to an orbit of higher energy level from its original level. Now an electron can not stay in that same positing for along coz once it looses its energy it will fall off back to its original energy level. When the electron goes back to its original energy level, a particle of light or a photon is released in the process. When a lot of electrons emit photons, it results in emition of light.

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Noble Gases And Creation of Neon Signs
Jul 24th, 2010 by Aldouspi

If you had ever thought what was the specialty of noble gases being use in neon lights and why not other gases... here we have the answer for you.

It all started during the late 1800's. Many physicists and mainly Sir William Crookes began their experimentation to observer and analyze what radiations are produced in evacuated tubes in which a small amount of elemental gases were let in, during which an arc was struck between electrodes inside the evacuated tube containing a little amount of elemental gas. Surprisingly the physicists observed that a lot of wide-ranging colored effects came out depending on what gases were introduced. Only after 1910 the first proper functional application of elucidating signs became came into existence. The French Physicist, Claude Georges invented the first neon light and chose to take neon as the filling. The important thing in this process to note is that following right pressure and voltage is responsible for the resultant deep red color glow

Now here we have to see how noble gases were used in the creation of neon lights and neon sign boards. The two most general and most commonly found plasma devices used is the fluorescent light bulb and the almost similar neon sign. In view of the fact that their growth in the 1940's, fluorescent bulbs have become the lighting fixture of alternative in commercial centers, factories, schools and many other places as they are starting to be establish more extensively in residence areas as well.

In most of the cases, the light produced from the fluorescent light bulbs look white. Guess how this white color comes? This white color is a mixture of all of the colors of the visible spectrum, just like how it works with sunlight.

When it comes to the fluorescent bulb, the matter that is in fact responsible for the glowing is a white colored powder that is applied to the inner wall of the bulb's long glass tube. This powder is nothing but the phosphor. Even though it may not have any phosphorus in it, it gives the white light we see through a process which is known as fluorescence. This is the process which is the foundation of the given name as the 'fluorescent' light bulbs.

The process of fluorescence takes place when an atom or molecule attracts and keeps inside the energy from some the source, for example a photon of light, or a collision with another atom. Followed by this an amount of energy is on the loose and discharged in the form of light in two or more successive steps of reaction.

About Author
Brayan Peter is an expert author for Neon Open Signs, Business Signs, Neon Lights. He written many articles like Custom Neon Signs, Tattoo Neons, Neon Wall Clocks, Neon Beer Signs, Neon Clocks, Neon Bar Sign . For more information visit our site

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