Choosing Neon Signs for Your Business
Mar 31st, 2011 by Aldouspi

In 1910, a Frenchman by name Georges Claude invented neon signs. In 1923, it entered America. Neos in Greek means “new gas”. Neon lighting came into existence after the invention of traditional electric bulbs & lighting. In the beginning, neon was available only in red color. Later on, other colors came into prominence. As on date, there are 150 vibrant colors that can be used in neon signs. Neon signs have received the attention of businessmen & ordinary consumers. Today, big electronic message boards are created with neon signs. They give the names of the companies or promote a product. Today neon signs have come to stay & get noticed.

Custom neon signs are often incorporated with aluminum signs. They can make eye-catching advertisements. Business concerns are fond of neon signs. They are priced low & hence affordable. The bright colors attract the attention of the people. In all business ventures – pin to plain, eraser to engine – all products are sold using the display of neon signs. Today’s commercial ventures promote their business with the help of custom non signs, with the display of most colorful electronic message boards. They display the company’s name in big bright letters. If exposure is required after 6 PM, neon signs are the best option. Large neon signs are often combined with aluminum signs. Hotels, motels, restaurants, discotheques, pubs, theatres – all post-twilight ventures develop their business using large neon signs.

Custom neon signs have shifted from business world to personal world. Cartoon figures which delight children, animated movie characters all appear in neon signs. Neon clocks, bar signs & retro diner signs for the kitchen – in all these areas, neon signs are preferred. Sports teams want to have neon signs to popularize their team’s achievements. If one want to know the details of the make & price, let him refer to Internet. Internet will provide you general pictures. But pricing will be decided only after discussing with the makers about the needs & specifications. City nightlife is glorified by neon signs. People who go for a walk, shopping, fun – all will be enthralled to see neon signs & message boards making the evening glittering & colorful. Business promotion or living room decoration – neon signs will offer a solution.

Business owners want to create a signage for their business, which indicates their spot location, marketable products, business timings & the like. Custom neon signs, electronic message boards, window stickers & many more options will be there to choose from. City corporations or State administration may propose some rules & regulations with respect to sign boards. Landlord may have suggestions & objections. So, they have to be considered before ordering for a custom neon sign.

If the business address is to be noticed from a long distance or if the establishment is to stand apart from other concerns, neon signs are the best options. Neon signs & electronic message boards force the pedestrians, passers-by, prospective buyers & potential customers to gravitate towards the shops. The electronic message board will inform the shopping people about the various products, price tags, discount rates & official timings, etc. Whatever maybe the nature of the business, good quality signage will help promote the sales. The best indoor signs are made of genuine neon lights. Neon signs invite customers who are hundred yards away to the shop. They are less expensive & last for years.

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How To Bring In More Customers Into Your Business With Neon Signs?
Mar 4th, 2011 by Aldouspi

It was Georges Claude who introduced the neon signs in 1910 which was displayed in the Paris Motor show. It took nearly 13 years to draw customer’s attention. People can order their custom neon sign to get more business. In Greek, the word neon means new gas. Neon lighting was invented after electric light bulb was invented. In the beginning of the days of neon, only red color was available. But due to technology advancement, new colors became available. If you notice there are nearly 150 different colors in the market which can be used for your custom neon sign.

Neon signs gained attention among customers from the day they became popular. In the present scenario, neon signs are considered as large electronic message boards. Custom neon signs can create wonders for your business because people will know about your company, promote your product or advise you that the place of business is open. Retail establishments found out the importance of neon signs, the trend was born and today a person can find at least a neon sign wherever he turns.

One of the best ways for advertising your product is through custom neon signs because they are affordable. Neon signs are available for all types of business from selling cars to selling beer. One more advantage is that you can decide the exact message that you want to get across to your potential customers.

Custom retail neon sign is one of the popular ways to display the name of your business in bright, big letters. Many business owners want more business after sundown, so this would be the best option. All the restaurants, motels and hotels want more business after sunset, so custom neon sign is the best way to promote your business.

Custom neon signs have made their way into personal world from the business world. You can find cartoon characters in neon signs. They are an instant hit among children. Other popular neon signs are diner signs, neon clocks and old neon bar signs.

Most of the custom neon sign manufacturing companies are happy to produce custom neon sign according to your specifications. If you want people to know about your business then custom neon sign would be the best way. If you want to add eon signs of your favorite sports team to your home, custom neon signs are the way to go.

If you want customers to know that you are open for business then open neon sign will do wonders. If your business is set back from the road, a neon sign can let customers easily know when you are open or closed. This can make taking advantage of your goods or services easier for your customers or clients.

Brayan Peter is an expert author for Business Neon Signs, Neon Beer Signs, Neon Sign Bar. He written many articles like Custom Neon Signs, Tattoo Neons, Metal Signs, Neon Lighting, Neon Lights, Neon Clocks, Neon Open Sign, . For more information visit our site Contact him at

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How to Get More Customers into Your Small Business with Custom Neon Signs
Jan 22nd, 2011 by Aldouspi

Neon signs were first introduced in 1910, which was presented at the Paris Motor Show by a Frenchman named Georges Claude. It was not until thirteen years after custom neon signs went to the United States and the rest is history. 

Today, you can order your own custom neon sign that will help you get your business account. The meaning of the word neon neos, which is a Greek word, the new gas. Neon lighting was invented, certainly well beyond the traditional light bulb was invented. In the early days of neon, the color available was red. When neon technology began to grow, became in many other colors available. Today, there are over 150 different colors that can be used for custom neon sign. 

Neon signs draw attention 

Even from the beginning of neon signs, which grew in popularity to capture the imagination of consumers and businesses. Today, neon signs are compared to the large electronic message boards. If these neon signs announcing the name of your company, promote your product, or advise that the place of business is open, not only custom neon signs are easy to remember, also saw its business. 

Once the retail outlets learned the power of neon signs, the trend was born and today one can find at least a neon sign which comes on while away from home. 

Affordable, reusable Advertising 

What makes custom neon signs in an attractive way to advertise is that they are quite affordable. The bright colors make people care "of selling cars to selling beer, custom neon signs have a place in every business to promote what they sell or offer. The other positive neon signs is that you can decide on the exact message you want to convey to potential and existing customers. 

Typically, the lower custom neon sign is one of the most popular ways to show your company name in big bright letters. In fact, if the business owner needs more exposure after sunset is the best option available to you. Almost all the restaurants, motels and hotels that cater to a market after sundown, and if necessary to promote their own signs, custom neon are the way forward to successfully promote your business.

Neon signs for home? 

Thanks to clever marketing, custom neon signs have made their way into the personal world of cartoon characters business worldwide in the form of neon signs to be an instant hit for children. More samples for the consumer market for custom neon signs are signs high, neon clocks, and old neon bar signs are quickly becoming a success in the private market. 

With all the manufacturing companies as the neon sign would certainly be happy to produce any custom sign to your specifications. Therefore, if you need a custom neon sign telling people about your business, or if you want to add neon lights of your favorite team at home, custom neon signs are the way forward. 

Order a custom neon sign for business neon signs 4 today! 

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How Neon Signs Increase sales in your coffee shop? 

If you are a coffee shop barista new or restaurant owner, what better way to promote your business by using strategically placed neon signs through its newly opened coffee shop? With vibrant colors and bright neon sign has to offer is sure to attract more customers to your business.

Today, due to the promotion of electronic technology, there are many different types of coffee neon signs to choose from. These signs may blink, flash messages, and some even move. Some signs are even incorporated extravagant royal sculptures for your store. Even if you decide to go retro and show greater coffee neon signs from the 50 and 60 is guaranteed to be a success with its client base not only, but also to their staff as well as the neon signs are making a recurrence. 

Promoting your business in hot Neon 

Many of the big chain coffee shops have flashy sign, so it makes no sense if your business is at the forefront to show this work of art, while promoting their business at the same time? 

This is a tactic or strategy you can use to promote your business. Even be a good idea to devote an entire wall of all different styles and colors of the neon coffee. The best and easiest way to find these signs is through Internet. There are literally thousands of designs and many companies offer customization to your needs. The hardest part is narrowing your choice to one.

Why buy online is the best 

If you want to find custom neon signs, online retailers who specialize in lights usually have the largest selection. Even help you decide what kind of colors and even the brightness of the sign should be. But always remember, if you choose to hang these posters in the windows of your business, please consult your local laws and ordinances that allow you to hang that sign. 

There may be some rules and regulations to follow as the only thing keeping neon signs espresso during certain hours, or even the brightness of the signage can be. It makes no sense if you spend all your hard earned money, and soon to come to discover that you can express your desire to promote its new coffee shop. However, hanging from the sides in the interior of your business is a different matter. 

Do not be afraid to express themselves. Talk with other business owners who incorporate neon lights in their businesses and get them what works and what does not. In no time your business will certainly be an attraction for those who walk by and hopefully that will stop and conduct business with the barista.

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