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Game Rooms Help Make Your Home a Fun Place to Be
Aug 11th, 2010 by Aldouspi

The summer months are a great chance to make some changes to your home environment, since the kids will be spending more time at home. Small alterations can be made to improve the look and feel of your living room, or even your basement or family room. These changes will give your family togetherness and will give the kids a great place to hang out with their buddies. It might even spark a night full of board games, neighborhood friends, and fun! Try these simple steps and bring your home from plain to extraordinary in no time!

Plan Around Functionality

Start your room makeover by banishing the rubbish. Remove everything that does not elong there. If you have a place where you do bills and paperwork in the room, clean up the files, desk drawers and book shelves and get rid of the excess items that you aren't using or that should be thrown away. Once that's done, create a filing and organization system that will help keep everything in its own place in the future. For instance, if you have photographs that had been stored in a drawer, then you could buy a few photo boxes and divide them into periods of time so each box doesn't get over-stuffed. Another option is to digitize your photos that make more efficient use of physical space.

Create a Room that Suits Your Needs

If your room serves different purposes, such as a play area, entertainment room, and office in one, consider segregating portions of the room for each purpose to give yourself as much space as possible. One idea is to cordon off the area with a thick tapestry and a hanging rod so that the area can be covered when you're not using it. Pick out a fabric that isn't too dark or bright to avoid attracting attention to the separation. A hanging rug that is easy on the eyes with threaded designs looks elegant and adds to any room. Find high-end curtain rods to add a delicate and high-class touch to your new room!

Save Space with Furniture that Doubles Up

Find pieces of furniture that can convert into more than 1 piece. For instance, a corner TV stand with storage in the bottom area can serve to store away your CDs and DVDs out of view. Another option is to buy a coffee table that can be opened, such as a rectangular box shape, where games and books can be stored. Another option for coffee tables is the type of table that lifts up and can be converted into a dining table for eating. This means you no longer need a dining table and a storage chest.

Novelty and Fun Come Together for Winning Results

Add fun items to the room that create whimsy and establish a theme. You might look for a novelty floor lamp to go with whatever theme you've selected for the room. For example, a 50's diner theme would go well with some neon signs and a diner-style. Also, a good pool game table can add many hours of entertainment for indoor family fun. Choose a multiple-game game table that has the types of games your family likes to play; many different styles can be purchased from ping-pong to foosball.With some imagination, you can transform your basement, TV room, or living room into an entertainment area that provides you with a place to hang out, have fun, and enjoy the summer!

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