BAR RULES ~Novelty Sign~ beer signs funny drunk gift
Dec 23rd, 2011 by Aldouspi

BAR RULES ~Novelty Sign~ beer signs funny drunk gift

BAR RULES ~Novelty Sign~ beer signs funny drunk gift

  • Brand New Sign
  • The Perfect Gift for any Occasion
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Top Quality Product
  • Perfect for Indoor or Outdoor use

BRAND NEW SIGN!! 12" tall and 8" wide sign. Our novelty signs are made from outdoor durable plastic with professional grade vinyl graphics. These signs will never rust or fade, perfect inside or out (4-5 years outdoors)! The sign has round corners and a hole pre-drilled for easy mounting. This item is in stock and ready to ship, generally the following business day. Please check out all our other signs, they make the perfect gift for any occasion.

List Price: $ 8.99


Choosing Neon Signs for Your Business
Mar 31st, 2011 by Aldouspi

In 1910, a Frenchman by name Georges Claude invented neon signs. In 1923, it entered America. Neos in Greek means “new gas”. Neon lighting came into existence after the invention of traditional electric bulbs & lighting. In the beginning, neon was available only in red color. Later on, other colors came into prominence. As on date, there are 150 vibrant colors that can be used in neon signs. Neon signs have received the attention of businessmen & ordinary consumers. Today, big electronic message boards are created with neon signs. They give the names of the companies or promote a product. Today neon signs have come to stay & get noticed.

Custom neon signs are often incorporated with aluminum signs. They can make eye-catching advertisements. Business concerns are fond of neon signs. They are priced low & hence affordable. The bright colors attract the attention of the people. In all business ventures – pin to plain, eraser to engine – all products are sold using the display of neon signs. Today’s commercial ventures promote their business with the help of custom non signs, with the display of most colorful electronic message boards. They display the company’s name in big bright letters. If exposure is required after 6 PM, neon signs are the best option. Large neon signs are often combined with aluminum signs. Hotels, motels, restaurants, discotheques, pubs, theatres – all post-twilight ventures develop their business using large neon signs.

Custom neon signs have shifted from business world to personal world. Cartoon figures which delight children, animated movie characters all appear in neon signs. Neon clocks, bar signs & retro diner signs for the kitchen – in all these areas, neon signs are preferred. Sports teams want to have neon signs to popularize their team’s achievements. If one want to know the details of the make & price, let him refer to Internet. Internet will provide you general pictures. But pricing will be decided only after discussing with the makers about the needs & specifications. City nightlife is glorified by neon signs. People who go for a walk, shopping, fun – all will be enthralled to see neon signs & message boards making the evening glittering & colorful. Business promotion or living room decoration – neon signs will offer a solution.

Business owners want to create a signage for their business, which indicates their spot location, marketable products, business timings & the like. Custom neon signs, electronic message boards, window stickers & many more options will be there to choose from. City corporations or State administration may propose some rules & regulations with respect to sign boards. Landlord may have suggestions & objections. So, they have to be considered before ordering for a custom neon sign.

If the business address is to be noticed from a long distance or if the establishment is to stand apart from other concerns, neon signs are the best options. Neon signs & electronic message boards force the pedestrians, passers-by, prospective buyers & potential customers to gravitate towards the shops. The electronic message board will inform the shopping people about the various products, price tags, discount rates & official timings, etc. Whatever maybe the nature of the business, good quality signage will help promote the sales. The best indoor signs are made of genuine neon lights. Neon signs invite customers who are hundred yards away to the shop. They are less expensive & last for years.

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Buying used neon signs rather than new one – Good or Bad:
Feb 25th, 2011 by Aldouspi

It is a universally accepted fact that neon signs are one of the most coat-effective and rewarding mediums of publicity. Several bars, restaurants, shops and retail outlets have installed neon signs as they are radiant and eye-catchy and more importantly, visible from a distance.

What many people do not know is the fact that used neon signs can serve the same purpose as new ones and can be bought cheaper. It is also a fact that many retail outlets and advertising companies buy used neon signs and save money without compromising on the effectiveness of their publicity value. These used neon signs are widely seen as bar signs, ATM signs, pizza takeaways, café signs etc.

Market trends have indicated that creative advertising is what fetches results and helps build customer base. Business enterprises that understand and exploit this market psychology are using neon signs in large numbers. It is important to know that neon signs are usually not industrially manufactured but are the works of imaginative and skilled craftsmen.

Neon sign users who are constantly looking for change in decor or are carrying out upgrades keep selling their used neon signs. A few of these neon sign users also donate their used neon signs rather than sell them. There are others who neither sell nor donate used neon signs but simply throw them away. But money-minded business owners throw away only the broken or damaged neon signs but sell the ones that are still serviceable.

Many business houses believe in promoting and maintaining brand equity with a standardized catch line or image to help people relate to their particular product or services and they will never opt for used neon signs. They make purchases typically from a single vendor who is appreciative of their business goals and can create many similar patterns.

But buyers of used neon signs claim - and, rightly too, that used neon signs create the same impact as the new ones. They see no reason or justification not to spend money to buy them. But the challenge in buying used neon signs is you will not be able to get the type and style that you want and you will have to spend a lot of time and make untiring efforts to identify the right type of neon signs.

But, if you are a business owner, the last thing you want to do is spend months searching both online and offline for an exact style of used neon sign that fits your business needs. Your time is also money and what is the point wasting precious time in some wild goose chase trying to save a few dollars.

But, if you are a hobbyist or a teenager looking for something colorful and exciting to hang in your office room or your bedroom wall may choose used neon signs for whatever they are worth. Again, some crazy fans of fancy neon signs will jump at the idea of buying all sorts of used neon signs from business owners who want to dispose them off for replacing with new ones.

Business owners who are already aware of the immense advantages of neon signs as marketing tools will usually not shop around for used and discounted neon signs but would opt for new ones and try to save money avoiding other unproductive expenses.

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