Neon Nevada
Jan 8th, 2011 by Aldouspi Review
Something's glowing out in the desert night, but it isn't New Mexico, and these creatures aren't visitors from another planet. There is a pig with wings--who may well be fleeing the Nevada barbecue establishment he advertises--and a creature who looks something like Elmer Fudd with a lightning bolt for a body. But that's as close as we get to alien beings, unless you count the penguin in a ten-gallon hat and cowboy boots. These colorful images of cartoon cowboys... More >>

Neon Nevada

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Neon Lit: Paul Auster’s City of Glass
Jan 2nd, 2011 by Aldouspi

Product Description
From the creator of the highly acclaimed, widely successful graphic novels Maus and Maus II comes Neon Lit, an innovative series of graphic crime novels. First in the series is City of Glass, universally praised as a contemporary classic upon its publication in 1985. A film based on the novel is currently in Review
I cannot possibly offer enough praise for David Mazzucchelli and Paul Karasik 's adaptation of City of Glass. While... More >>

Neon Lit: Paul Auster's City of Glass

ENDLESS MEMORIES – US NAVY Neon License Plate Wall Clock USMC Bar Neon Sign
Oct 4th, 2010 by Aldouspi

  • Unique, Memorable and Collectible Clock Delights Your Style
  • Awesome Gifts to Anyone - Unisex Gift for Friends and Families
  • Super Money Saving - Waived Sales Tax for All States
  • Some of the National Teams or Companies change Logos from time to time, the License Plate might different than the listed picture, but definitely with the Same Theme, Same Name of the Team and Companies. Color of the LED frame will be randomly selected.
  • Search "Colorful Items" in Amazon to see more of our unique and super saving products

Product Description
Neon LED frame Collectible License Plate Clock... More >>

ENDLESS MEMORIES - US NAVY Neon License Plate Wall Clock USMC Bar Neon Sign

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The Rat Pack: Neon Nights with the Kings of Cool
Sep 22nd, 2010 by Aldouspi

Product Description
The Rat Pack -- Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop -- had talent, money, and power to burn. They also had something else even more important.They had Review
Quirk and Schoell's rehashing of the biographical details of Frank Sinatra and the rest of his crew is only intermittently able to disguise its contempt for their personal and professional lives. If there's an opportunity for a pot shot, rest ... More >>

The Rat Pack: Neon Nights with the Kings of Cool

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How to Decorate With Yellow
Jun 18th, 2010 by Aldouspi

Yellow (specifically 'mimosa' - an orange-hued, warm shade) has been declared thecolour of 2009 by Pantone, the global provider of professional colour standards to the design industries. Find out how to decorate with this season's hottest hue.

1. Come out of the shadows

Everyone has dark areas in their home, especially if a room lacks natural light or is north-facing. Think of yellow as 'sunshine in a paint tin', says interiors author Stephanie Hoppen. But take heed; too much of the yolk hue can be nausea-inducing and irritating so opt for 'soft, gentle shades of sand, maize, hay and straw for larger areas.

2. Build me up, buttercup

Thanks to the Darwin hype, nature is a hot trend right now. Kill two birds with one stone this season with a yellow floral print like Wolcott Wallpaper (£22) from Laura Ashley. Balance with a neutral shade in sand, white or cream on the other walls. To avoid a sickly feel, follow interior designer Kelly Hoppen advice that 'the pinkiness of taupe' clashes with yellow tones.

3. Lighten up

'The color yellow exemplifies the warmth and nurturing quality of the sun, properties we as humans are naturally drawn to for reassurance,' explains Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. Go the whole hog with this Oswald Armchair in Hakon Yellow Velvet (£2,885) from The Conran Shop for a good mood home.

4. Grown-up yellow

Yellow doesn't have to be garish. 'Warmer golds and tans bring the natural world inside to create a look of comforting and calming radiance' says Dulex. For grandiose gold, check out the Raj furniture range by Homescapes, available from Amazon. Or for more subtle tans, try these Lintel Dining Chairs (£99 each) from John Lewis. This trend 'evokes vintage glamour' says Anderson.

5. How to use neon

Feeling brave? Make a style statement with edgy yellow retro pieces. Funk up your kitchen with Eiffel Chairs (£190) from The Conran Shop and this kitsch Yellow & Cream Retro Telephone (£63.62) from Heal's. It's a case of the brighter the better, but stick to furniture and accessories - don't paint your walls in these electric shades. Overusing bright yellow makes 'babies cry and grown-ups lose their tempers' and hurts our eyes, says designer Kathy Barto of KMB Designs.

6. What does yellow clash with?

Be careful when pairing yellow with other colours. It looks dicey alongside reds and purples and when next to black, it runs the risk of looking like a building site. Teaming it with grey, however, adds a soft sophistication to the brighter hue. This Bold Spot Print Cushion (£25) from Marks & Spencer is very chic and will bring a spot of colour to your sofa.

7. Colour of change and creativity

Michelle Obama wore yellow for the Presidential Inauguration Ceremony earlier this year. The hue symbolizes new life, hope and change; she must have been confident about the result! Follow in the First Lady's footsteps and bring optimism into your surrounding - drink to happy days with this Process yellow Pantone mug (£7.75) from John Lewis. 'Yellow is a great colour to have fun with whilst decorating and can add freshness to your home with a vibrant energy and optimism' says Anderson.

8. Create a sunny glow with lighting

Embrace the trend with a simple light shade. A yellow shade will fill the room with sunshine, like this Bright Yellow Drum Shade (£40) from Heal's. Yellow 'can make any area warm and inviting' says Stephanie Hoppen. So expect your friends round more often.

9. Get motivated with colour help

It's often underestimated how much colour affects our mood. 'Yellow stimulates the brain and makes people open-minded, decisive and alert. It helps concentration and is therefore a good colour to use in rooms where you work or think', explains Hoppen. Deck out your home office with this Caroline Yellow Glass Table Lamp (£97.87) from Heal's and India Yellow Clock (£30) from Not on the High Street, and you'll be the model worker.

10. Yellow brings out the fun in interiors

'Whether it be a statement piece of furniture or a funky accessory, yellow is sure to lift any room and give it a new lease of life for Spring' says Gillian Anderson, Trading Director at Heal's. You can't help but smile when you catch sight of this Puddle Table (£150) from Susan Bradley. Life is for laughing, after all.

About Author
Annie is an expert furniture and interior design writer. Her current area of specialism is floor tiles, sheds and wall clocks

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