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Poolside Neon Rainbow (#2) Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial
August 18th, 2011 by Aldouspi

More pics can be seen in this post: Nail Polish used: Color Club French Tip, the China Glaze Poolside collection which includes: Towel Boy Toy, Kiwi Cool-Ada, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, Sun Worshipper, Flip Flop Fantasy & Pool Party Other manicures using this technique: Tips & Tricks Playlist (taping tutorial, how to clean-up & more): Water Marble Tutorials Playlist: Nail Art Tutorials Playlist: You can check out the My Simple Little Pleasures Facebook page here:
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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50 Responses  
  • emmexlove98 writes:
    August 18th, 20114:46 pmat


  • yellingoverclouds writes:
    August 18th, 20115:40 pmat


  • owluver9 writes:
    August 18th, 20116:33 pmat

    They almost look like fire..

  • erin1799 writes:
    August 18th, 20117:23 pmat

    Thank u! :3

  • SimpleLittlePleasues writes:
    August 18th, 20118:18 pmat

    @erin1799 the only way to know for any specific color is to try it =)

  • erin1799 writes:
    August 18th, 20118:51 pmat

    Does water marbling work the same with glitter nail polishes?

  • SimpleLittlePleasues writes:
    August 18th, 20118:57 pmat

    @BlueEyedTxAngel I read about it on several blogs before I started doing it myself =)

  • BlueEyedTxAngel writes:
    August 18th, 20119:30 pmat

    I love these tips you have.. it’s absolutely amazing.. how did you come across doing this?

  • SimpleLittlePleasues writes:
    August 18th, 201110:14 pmat

    @lilacvoice Are you using filtered water? Also keep in mind that not all polish works – the brand doesn’t really matter but every color is different in the water & it just takes a lot of trial & error to find the ones that work well. You want one with good pigmentation, maybe a little on the thick side but thin enough to drip & above all slow-drying. HTH =)

  • lilacvoice writes:
    August 18th, 201110:39 pmat

    I have been trying to do the water marble design all night. most of the colors are not spreading and are drying very quickly preventing me from creating a design..; What could be the problem.. i tried with different temperature water but still nothing.. please help…

  • CoolUnicorns writes:
    August 18th, 201111:19 pmat

    You say the same exact thing every time at the end

  • AmiJorgensen writes:
    August 18th, 201111:21 pmat

    1:30 SQUIIIIIDDD! xD

  • SimpleLittlePleasues writes:
    August 19th, 201112:02 amat

    @CLIxIsBlubbed there’s no way to know beforehand, it’s all trial & error =)

  • SimpleLittlePleasues writes:
    August 19th, 201112:10 amat

    @kandyrodz yes, I always recommend a top coat for any nail art =)

  • Miyahh234 writes:
    August 19th, 201112:27 amat

    i dont like that design srry

  • Vonna1399 writes:
    August 19th, 20111:01 amat

    i love your nails

  • arsc311 writes:
    August 19th, 20111:52 amat

    you should open your own business/salon doing this. i have never seen this done be4 in a salon.

  • CLIxIsBlubbed writes:
    August 19th, 20112:08 amat

    i love your water marbling , (: and can you please explain what type of colours dont work ?

  • Razzlebearr writes:
    August 19th, 20112:18 amat

    oh my god those are beautifule marbling, personally my favorite.

  • kandyrodz writes:
    August 19th, 20112:26 amat

    😀 they are amaziing!! but do u add a clear top coat when ur done or is it fine to wear them without the top coat?!?

  • whjbf99 writes:
    August 19th, 20113:02 amat

    i looooove ur nails!! so thick and long and perfect square- ish shape 😀

  • SimpleLittlePleasues writes:
    August 19th, 20113:23 amat

    @ariecheersatcia if you don’t like them don’t look =P

  • SimpleLittlePleasues writes:
    August 19th, 20114:20 amat

    @ann1521 you can use anything with a fine point =)

  • ariecheersatcia writes:
    August 19th, 20115:03 amat

    your nails are toooo fucking long.

  • ann1521 writes:
    August 19th, 20115:45 amat

    when you do this do you need a specific “orange stick” or no?

  • zemenve writes:
    August 19th, 20116:17 amat


  • alcauter12 writes:
    August 19th, 20116:58 amat

    here we go agin I kinda wanna be more than friends !!

  • Taaiiloryyaa writes:
    August 19th, 20117:41 amat

    You’re killing me nowwwww!!!!!

  • MrScruffman writes:
    August 19th, 20118:05 amat

    Everyone stop leaving comments about the few mistakes in this video everyone makes mistakes just shut up and enjoy the video this person took time out of there day to make this just appreciate it if you have a problem with this video then watch another one instead of leaving stupid comments! Have a great day!

  • MrScruffman writes:
    August 19th, 20118:11 amat

    @BassistsDoItBetterr like you never made a mistake quit being a asshole by the way your username is extremely gay!

  • MrScruffman writes:
    August 19th, 20119:06 amat

    @YFA95 stop it with
    gay dumb retarded twilight!!!!!

  • pogohaley writes:
    August 19th, 20119:56 amat

    This song is kinda ok’d bit I still like it

  • epictacoqueen writes:
    August 19th, 201110:38 amat

    hehe i likes it 😀

  • senrir89 writes:
    August 19th, 201111:06 amat

    Listened to it a hundred times and it’s still top of the line alternative music

  • regularfan11 writes:
    August 19th, 201112:02 pmat


  • L0ralynj writes:
    August 19th, 201112:02 pmat

    Lovvee iittt can’t stop replaying it!

  • TheNerdgirl98 writes:
    August 19th, 201112:17 pmat

    fffffffffffaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvoooooooooorrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiitttttttttttteeeeeeeeee of all songs!:D

  • 2013bookworm writes:
    August 19th, 20111:04 pmat

    Canabal? Cannibal! Btw luv this song best song ever btw I got this for FREE on iTunes!!! It was really cool it was a free song of the week LOLZ!!! Check out my channel and comment!! Subscribe! Luv ya

  • wheresgrunewaldo writes:
    August 19th, 20111:09 pmat

    WoW! Hell Yeah!! Love Neon Trees! Listening to a lot of Neon Trees, Hey You!, My Chemical Romance, Blink-182, The Killers, and No Doubt.

    Hey You! is still pretty new, but they’re waaaay dope. Pop/punk/rock with a real cool edge. plus they’ve got a cute chick singer too 🙂 …check em out…

    search “hey you band taking over”

  • krazytxter99 writes:
    August 19th, 20112:06 pmat

    fav song 🙂 great tune i know all of the lyrics haha favorite line is “say goodbye to my heart tonight!” its so flowy i dont even kno how to describe it 🙂

  • LittleMissPunker writes:
    August 19th, 20112:49 pmat

    Brother : i swear if you play that song one more time im going to die
    Me : Rest in peace

  • JakeGyllenhaalFan1 writes:
    August 19th, 20112:57 pmat


  • lillianmaye1213 writes:
    August 19th, 20113:10 pmat

    I love this song so much because my mom’s friend is the drummer and my mom said when I go to the concert she will tack me back stage to meet her!!!!!

  • reddyred16 writes:
    August 19th, 20113:45 pmat

    I love this song

  • twilighter0098 writes:
    August 19th, 20114:12 pmat

    haha this song is bad ass

  • stargirl3721 writes:
    August 19th, 20114:13 pmat

    10 people suck!

  • stargirl3721 writes:
    August 19th, 20115:09 pmat

    Ice cube sux my boogas

  • stargirl3721 writes:
    August 19th, 20116:09 pmat

    I wuv tis song!

  • 2324ratchet writes:
    August 19th, 20116:37 pmat

    best song evea by neon trees 😀

  • ForeverMeAndYou143 writes:
    August 19th, 20117:08 pmat

    @IceCube6000 Kaay bud, do ya hear a ‘g’ when they say waitin’ ? NO! Soooo BAM suck it! Their not trying to sound ‘gangsta’!!!!!!

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